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Our Services

Tree Removal

We try to save a tree whenever possible, but sometimes it is necessary for one to come down. We dispose of trees in a careful and efficient manner, minimizing waste and invasiveness in your landscape. We utilize experienced tree climbers, bucket trucks and if necessary a crane truck, depending on the job requirements. We specialize in all aspects of tree removal, from simple removals, little to no access removals and lot clearing. We are so meticulous in our cleanup that if trees weren't missing from your property, you would never even know we were there!

Tree Pruning

Most deciduous trees build up a significant amount of dead, weak, diseased, or damaged branches over a period of time. Maintenance pruning is the process of eliminating those branches while enhancing the overall growth and characteristics of trees. Maintenance pruning is an essential component to any successful property management program. If left unchecked, dead, weak, diseased, or damaged branches can bring about greater problems such as personal or property damage, insect infestation, or tree failure. Maintenance pruning is not only essential for hazardous limb reduction, it also keeps trees healthy and attractive. Healthy trees provide value to a residential or commercial property and should always be taken care of by a professional.

Emergency Tree Services

We provide 24 hour emergency tree service, whether it occurs in the middle of the night or on a Sunday morning, anytime, we are there to provide prompt attention to your emergency tree service. Weather patterns have changed over the years and we have seen an increased number of threatening storms. Home owners should be more aware these days to remove any large decaying trees that are within proximity to their home, by eliminating the possibility of a dangerous tree from uprooting and landing on their home. Many people think that trees only uproot in weather with high winds, but that is not necessarily always true. A tree that is slowly dying with internal decay may appear on the outside as safe, and many times such a tree may give way and fall on its own without bad weather. Any tree emergency whether big or small, during any time, we can be counted on to to help remove your trees and restore your property.

Log Removal

We are here to help! If you are a small company or contract tree climber, we are available by the hour for log pick-up and disposal services.

Brush Chipping

Need large or small tree debris removed or do you have a pile of brush that is taking up space on your property? We will clean up your property leaving it neat and more attractive.


Monkey Business Tree Care, LLC offers the highest quality seasoned hardwood. Our seasoned wood is always less than 20% moisture and sold in various quantities. There are two ways our split and seasoned firewood is sold; loose and stacked neatly in firewood bags.

Our firewood bags are a great option for those looking to enjoy it without having to work for it. We stack our seasoned firewood neatly in our firewood bags eliminating the need to stack it upon delivery. Firewood bags are made of a durable and breathable mesh and our wood is stacked in them to ensure proper airflow through the wood.

We also deliver loose wood loads in our dump truck that can be delivered wherever you need. Stacking is available for an additional fee.

Inquire today for available quantities and pricing information.

Give us a call and ask about our current promotions!

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